Just a Wednesday

Just a Wednesday

Is it really Wednesday already? This week seems to be flying by. I received my Covid test results this morning and I was negative as I expected. My county passed down new protocols for someone that was vaccinated. If they come into contact with a person who tested positive for Covid they don’t need to either quarantine or test providing they are asymptomatic. The Covid tracer people are still tracking me daily. I don’t know what to follow so I’m just being safe.

My Minx was up super early this morning. He usually settles back down and goes to sleep but not today. I was really up just laying there not quite ready to get out of bed but he was so annoying I got up. I did my workouts and got my coffee and I am blogging before 9:30. Now both puppies are back to sleep on me. Tough life they have. I don’t have much on my plate today because I was technically still in quarantine until tonight so I’m not complaining. Tomorrow is the department of motor vehicles and my hair appointment that I had to cancel last week. I’m still trying to get everything done before my infusion however I still have not received my supplies. Now it is the doctor who hasn’t refilled the steroids or the Benadryl so they won’t send out the box. It’s been very frustrating. Too much time and energy on phone calls and emails to get this stuff done. I’m starting to question if I’ll get the infusion on March 17th as scheduled.

Well on that note I’m going to get in touch with my doctor now so the box of supplies can hopefully get sent out for tomorrow’s delivery. Happy hump day.

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