New programs at The MS Gym

New programs at The MS Gym

The MS gym rolled out a brand new site and program yesterday. Based on the new program and functional maps, I was supposed to go back to the beginning again. I just completed the standing strong program. Even though I completed the program, I would have repeated the phases because I was far from mastering the exercises. I have been with the gym for about a year now and I have done each program according to the old functional maps. When I looked at the criteria to stay at my current program level I was shocked because I don’t know if I’ll ever get to that level. I got very discouraged and bratty for no better words.

There is a members only Facebook page that all the people really involved in the gym actually read and respond to. In my bratty fit I posted my frustration. I received comments from members of the gym as well as those who run the gym. They explained the why of things.

The main criteria I was missing was being able to walk for 15 minutes unassisted or with trek poles. That one is pretty freaking huge for someone in a wheelchair. I am no where near that point even with a walker. I can do all the other criteria of the upper levels but my walking has not improved. It was for this reason I have missed some of the basic functionality that these earlier programs build on. As frustrating as it might be for me, these programs are designed specifically to change the neurological pathways and brain activity to relearn. If I missed crucial steps, then I still have gaps in my paths. I didn’t join the gym for a short term goal, I joined with the determination to walk again.

I think partially what I realized is I would need to once again supplement my morning workouts. Now the MS gym won’t give me a full 30-45 minutes calorie burning exercise. I have to go back to chair aerobics, Zumba or beachbody before I complete the MS gym exercise for the day. I got over my issues and did just that this morning. I sweat through a tough chair cardio and started at the beginning in the MS gym. I did neck stuff which I’m good at and I did hand stuff which I’m not. So I learned some thing on day one.

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