New food delivery service

New food delivery service

Good morning and happy Monday. I am happy to say my daughter is doing ok with her Covid symptoms. My daughter is positive for Covid She did go over to the hospital on Saturday because she had some heaviness in her chest but her lungs were clear. They prescribed an inhaler for her. She is back in her quarantine bubble but feeling better. My mom and stepdad have had no symptoms nor have I. I have my Covid test today at noon. Yesterday was the first night I slept really really well in a week. I decided to stay on my comfy chair fit the night cuddled up with my puppies and we all slept soundly. I had a no bathroom stretch from 10-4 which is gift and a well needed sleep. I can tell that it helped because I did my morning workout without any breaks and without any fatigue. It felt good.

I’m excited because I am trying another food service delivery this week. I love Sakara but I think I’m getting a little tired of the food. I have been veering off way too much lately because I don’t feel like eating a salad. Each week is different foods but they’re still similar enough where I’m starting to lose variety. I left that quite a few after vegan/plant-based meal services and I decided on cook unity. I liked this one because of the huge variety, organic ingredients, foods being fresh and the fact I can choose what type of diet I’d like. I am mostly sticking with vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian but if I want a chicken or steak meal, it’s there. I’m looking forward to the new variety. I got 50% off my first week. There is also a share code for $50 off if your interested I want to invite you to try CookUnity! Sign up with this link you’ll get $50 off your first order:

Other than that I’m still under quarantine until Thursday when I go to department of motor vehicles for my handicap license plates. I’m not complaining I’m good being hone. Infusion still scheduled for the 17th.

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