Too much stress, not enough sleep

Too much stress, not enough sleep

I woke up with a killer headache. I use the word woke up very loosely because I haven’t been sleeping well and last night was no different. On a good note, I should reach my 12th hour of standing goal by 2pm. I’ve been going to sleep to a meditation track every night since last Friday. I started off sleeping great but then my daughter tested positive for Covid and I’ve bees stressed. My daughter is positive for Covid. My nights have been very restless. I may have had the vaccine but that doesn’t mean I won’t get sick for sure. I wasn’t two weeks past the date of the second dose. I’m worried for my mom and stepdad that were in contact with her as well as her, she’s my daughter. I spoke with the tracer people and they said the vaccine is supposed to prevent us from getting sick but it isn’t a guarantee. No wonder I’m having restless nights. On Monday I go for my test.

In the meantime I am quarantined which is fine. I was able to reschedule everything. My infusion is still 2 weeks away. However my box of supplies and medicine are being delivered today. I wanted to have ample time to correct anything that was wrong. It’s a good thing I know what my procedure and prescription is because if I didn’t, nothing could be fixed. This is why it pays to be informed. I have saved many wasted days of my infusion nurse not being able to do anything because the right supplies weren’t here. I am my best advocate. Some may see me as a pain in the ass but that’s because I speak up when things aren’t right. Look at what happened with my wheelchair. A good news blog. I was a pain but I got good results from opening my mouth.

The only downside is it can be stressful. The company that handles my prescription takes forever to pick up the phone. The customer service people have no clue what anything on the supply list is and got that matter isn’t on the list. It can be a very aggravating phone call. I’ve already spent 2+ hours just getting the supply delivery for today and have no idea if they have corrected the errors made from my September infusion. I kept trying to go over what was wrong but it was like asking about the apples at an orange store. My language and the language on the supply sheet aren’t the same. I just had to get the box and see for myself. I figured from there I can call my nurse and she can get in touch with the pharmacist as to what’s missing. I think that was my easiest route at that point. At least this time I was smart enough to give myself plenty of time before she was coming for the infusion. That was the best I can do.

My guess is I won’t even get the box until later today so nothing will be done until Monday. I’m in quarantine so I have plenty of time to work on fixing what needs to be fixed. Just another thing to stress over. I’ll be happy when this is all done. My infusion always adds another level of stress to my psyche. This Covid issue certainly isn’t helping being so close to it. In the meantime it’s the weekend and I wish everybody a very lovely weekend. The sun is shining and that’s always a good start. 

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