It’s the little things that make you proud

It’s the little things that make you proud

I’ve written many blogs showing things that I’ve accomplished over the years with multiple sclerosis. That is partially what this blog is about. There have been some in reference to my daughter Many about my workouts about attitude and positivity However yesterday I think I had one of my biggest achievements so far, I fixed the dead bolt lock on my door.

This might sound funny to you but to me it was a really big deal. the lock stopped working maybe 8 months ago. I have keypad locks on both my door and deadbolt. I could lock the deadbolt from the inside but it wouldn’t open again from the outside. No big deal to most of the world but not me. if I had an emergency, no one could get into my condo. Let’s be real here, there WAS a possibility of something happening that access to my condo would be necessary. I just had to stop locking the top lock. It isn’t that I don’t feel safe in my building but I preferred the second lock when I went to bed.

Friday night at around midnight there were some rowdy noisy people outside in my hallway. I heard a lot of commotion and stomping up and down. That lock crossed my mind for the 50th time that I need to get it fixed. I didn’t know what was wrong with it, why it wasn’t catching from the outside but I always suspected the battery. I finally goggled how to replace the battery. Take out two screws, pop cover off, locate battery and replace. Ok I could do that…

I could do that easily about 5 years ago before my last relapse that landed in my hands. Taking two screws out with MS hands is no easy task. When I finally got the screws out holding them in my hands proved just as difficult. Thankfully Minx was a good boy and listened to his leave it command. I easily changed the battery. Putting the back on with the screws was an experience but worse when I realized it now wouldn’t turn the lock. I had to reopen the back, taking out those 2 little screws once again and realign the back plate with the lock mechanism. I finally put the screws back in and tested the lock from the inside and outside and it worked. I was so proud of myself. I didn’t need to call anyone to fix it and I didn’t need anyone to help me. It was the first time in a really long time I felt like I did something on my own. Today I’m going to change the batteries in the bottom lock. I was just so impressed with myself. I had to share my story.

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