Bluetooth sleep mask

Bluetooth sleep mask

I posted my first video blog yesterday. A beautiful day in the neighborhood. I think that may become my new way to blog. Hopefully I’ll become less nervous and stupid in front of the camera. I’m not one who likes photos or videos of myself so it was a little bit of an awkward position for me. But I did step out of my comfort zone and I did a blog that was much easier on my hands and a visual of something i discuss often, my view. Zoey and Minx made a guest appearance as well as my aid Mariella. It was fun. Beautiful day for it, that was for sure.

Today I actually wanted to tell you about this mask my little sister gave me because it’s the greatest thing. I started meditating to go to sleep at night as opposed to listening to some ridiculous random TV show. I have tinnitus so I always need some sort of white noise when I go to bed. I just finally realize that listening to TV shows was so counterproductive and I should be meditating. I started listening to meditation about a month ago. I just go on YouTube and pick some thing that I wanna listen to and play it through my TV on my fire stick. However, what I really wanted was things with frequency, subliminal or binaural beats. Those don’t really work as well without your phones. I have those noise canceling earphones but they’re really hard to sleep with. I would listen to some meditations that recommended the earphones without knowing it wasn’t as good. 

Then my sister said she had this had a mask that has little speakers in them. They connect to your phone through Bluetooth and it’s super comfortable. I don’t sleep with a mask. I’ve never slept with a mask but I was excited to try it because I wanted the sound closer to my ears. Let me tell you it was amazing. Plus the mask is super comfortable. I never slept with a mask of any kind ever. Never even understood people who did, now I do. I love this mask. I love that I could set up my YouTube video on my phone goes right to the mask’s little ear speakers right next to my ear. I’m asleep quickly and I’m sleeping better. It’s the greatest thing. Plus, it’s so inexpensive it’s shocking. Everybody needs one of these. 

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  1. Hi, glad to hear you found something that is working for you 🙂 I have been using the Alexa Echo dot to play mediation music as I drift off to sleep. I get in bed then say Alexa play medication music and then off to Lala land. Alexa shuts off automatically after a set time. I recommend this as well

    1. Same idea. I change meditation concepts almost nightly. Sometimes I just do ocean waves, guided meditation or just Calming music with subliminal messages. I deal all the time change LOL. Alex is all over my house so I can totally understand using that as well

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