First Kesimpta dosing shot

First Kesimpta dosing shot

I started getting freaked out reading other people’s first shot reactions on the Facebook Kesimpta group. I thank Sherry for commenting on my Kesimpta delivery blog and telling me about the group but it didn’t help my nerves. Thankfully, I had a video conference with my neurologist yesterday. She explained Kesimpta is nothing like the interferon shots that I took for the first 12 years. The shots that still give me those horrible flashbacks that are causing all this fear. My doctor doesn’t think I should have any side effects. I’ve been on Ocrevus or Rituxan for the last 5 years. My B cells are depleted. I usually didn’t have major side effects from my infusion other than being tired. Mostly the steroids that I had to take messed me up for the first week. Then I just took time to rebuild my energy again. She did agree with me to pre-medicate with Tylenol and Benadryl. I felt a little better about doing the shot after I got off the call.

5:30 pm I took 2 Benadryl and 3 Tylenol 6:30 pm I did the Kesimpta injection.

I must say I normally did all my injections in my stomach. This time at the last second I switched to my left thigh. I must say I truthfully didn’t feel a thing as far as needles go. I am definitely happy to report that. Hopefully I don’t get a reaction site issue that will interfere with my Bionic Gym. That would make me super annoyed especially because I changed location at last minute. Now I can only wait and see how the night goes.

It could’ve been the Tylenol or the Benadryl, but I had absolutely no reaction to the shot. Going about my day as usual.

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  1. Wahoo! The posts made me really nervous too I’m excited that yours is going well so far. Fingers crossed it continues

    1. I think that since we’ve been taking the drug basically all this time RB cells are already depleted so we don’t get the shock of the depletion. It’s not like the interferons that we used to take it’s nothing like that.

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