Treading water

Treading water

I’ve been overwhelmed lately. I actually missed a day blogging last week. My other blogs were far from anything difficult or heartfelt. I took a hiatus from blogging, dieting and even working out. I just feel very stressed lately because it never seems to end. Every day is another issue. Considering how this year started, the pneumonia, being bed bound, you’d think I could deal with anything. It just seems like every time I get through one obstacle or issue, something else comes up. I just feel like I’m back to treading water and I am not doing very well.

Instead of recapping the last 7 1/2 months, you could go through my blog, I am just going through the last two weeks. I just don’t know why it is always so difficult. I just took Zoey to the vet the previous week. She was shaking again. She was having problems walking. I thought immediately she tweaked her back again. I gave her some pain medication in the morning. She definitely was looking better by the afternoon but I kept the appointment I made regardless. The vet said she seemed fine. She wasn’t inflamed anywhere. Giving her the pain medication that morning was a good call on my part. The pain medicine we use also helps reduce inflammation in her body. We were going to keep up the pain med for a couple of days just to make sure everything looked OK. My vet didn’t even charge me for the first at how awesome is she!!!

My Zoey has always had skin issues. I started noticing dandruff on her. I decided to get her an omega fish oil supplement. I probably started giving her the supplement the day she went to the vet. On Sunday afternoon I wrote a note to my vet thanking her for taking care of my dogs. She isn’t a vet to me, she’s my family’s doctor. Within a few hours, I wrote her again asking her a question about Zoey’s fur. She was shedding quite a bit, more than normal. The next morning, her hair was coming out in clumps. I was just at the vet three days ago. I couldn’t imagine what could be going on. Unfortunately, my vet was now away and I had to see one of the other vets. I gave them all background information. I explained that the only new thing she was on was those omega supplements. Thankfully my sister, God bless my sister, was able to take her to the vet that afternoon. The vet was confident it wasn’t anything that was an emergency. That it was between an allergy and her skin issues. After an allergy shot, new dandruff shampoo, and lotion, I was so relieved. I thought something serious happened because it happened so fast. As soon as my sister comes back home with Zoey, the phone rings.

I finally called my gastroenterologist regarding my stomach issues. I went from constipation to going to the bathroom 3+ times a day. Something is wrong and has been wrong for way too long. I finally did a stool sample. The call was from my gastroenterologist telling me that my sample so far showed the adenovirus. I learned after that this is a very common virus that you’d see in any stomach bug. My gastro told me straight out that you don’t treat for this virus because it usually clears up on its own. Like any stomach bug it lasts a couple days, a week tops. Unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with this for months. He was waiting for the results of the rest of my cultures to come back before we discussed anything further. This was Monday. I called Thursday, still didn’t have the results. They were calling the lab, hoping to have them call me on Friday which never happened.

In the middle of all this I was still bitten by bedbugs. I decided that I am finally going to purchase a new foundation. I’ve been dealing with this issue for a month now. I was just at wits end. I had the exterminator in on 3 different occasions. What more can I do. I was thrilled that the bed got delivered on Thursday morning. My delivery window was between 8-10am. I was called at 6:30am that they’d be at my house in 20 minutes. The gate people aren’t even on until 8. I had to find my Maitenance guy to open the back gate for deliveries. Then because I was so discombobulated, I told them to make the bed as low as possible. That’s great for getting in bed, but I still can’t get up from low positions I wasn’t able to get out of bed all day. My normal day aide wasn’t there. The following day my Maitenance man and my aide helped adjust the beds base to the higher position.

That brings me to my aides. Finally I thought maybe I could finally breathe again, no…. My night aide decided not to show up for her shift. She got upset with the company and decided to screw them by not showing up. However, I noticed, after the fact, she took her blanket home that morning so she already knew her plan. I was able to contact her to which she explained that she left the company because she was disrespected. It is all bull. She was quitting and wanted to make it difficult for the company. In turn screwing me if coverage really couldn’t be found. I was good to her. It goes to show you, it isn’t always mutual. During this whole fiasco I was informed my day aide is switching to nights. Great she can take over for the one who quit. Now I just need that main person I spend the majority of my waking hours with.

That is why I haven’t said much. I have watched mindless tv and kept to myself. I know this stuff will work out. I just feel each time something does, something else goes wrong. I’m just tired. It has been a very tough year. I’m starting to wonder if maybe 22 isn’t my number anymore. I thought for sure the year 2022 would be so great. So spiritual. It’s been tough, sad and challenging so often. I just keep trying to get around the corner.

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