Only Wednesday..,

Only Wednesday..,

I got a Covid booster and flu shot on Saturday. I was down for the count for almost 2 days. I’m doing better now. I thankfully made the decision to cancel occupational therapy for the morning. I was feeling better but I think I still needed the day to recoup. I didn’t even exercise, you know that’s saying a lot for me. As I laid in bed somewhat sleeping Monday morning, my new aide once again showed up an hour late. I pretended to be unfazed yet still asleep as she made numerous phone calls regarding her tardiness. I was not getting involved in the aggravation going on with the agency. I did get a call in the afternoon that the aide was going to be replaced. Great!!! The following morning a new aide comes as well as the old aide. Awkward!!! Finally the agency solved that drama and the new aide was staying. Ok well I don’t know what she lined her pockets with but my dogs have been stuck to her like they are stuck to my night aide. I just got them back from her and now it looks like I’ll loose them during the day to the new aide. WTF!!!??? Aren’t dogs supposed to be loyal? I think my two are defective. Silly pups. I prefer them liking my aide to my aide hating my dogs but really, she’s been here 6 hours….

They came and checked out my shower. They believe the leak was coming from the lack of caulking around the rails of the shower doors. Oh I’m not sure I told that story. I finally got in a shower after 8 months and my neighbor beneath me complained of a leak starting again. A leak we all thought went away because they haven’t complained about since last summer. I was still showering. Well now they redid the walls and ceiling and I shower for the first time. Guess what….water leaks. Well we aren’t sure that it is as simple as caulking but we went with the flow of things for the moment. I find it very odd that the problem went away even while I was still using my shower every day but comes back again when I stopped using it for months. Whatever, it’s always something. Never easy.

I’m doing my daily call list that I had to put off the other days. I’m have to get a stop payment check issued from my 3rd party trust account. My car payment never got to the company in August. I have had the car company calling every day numerous times although I’ve explained the situation to them. Unfortunately, it seems my trust’s computers are down and I can currently get no information about if the check has been stopped let alone reissued. Ugh!!! I also am once again chasing my case manager to make sure I have transportation set up for doctor appointments. You would think this would be an automatic thing to get done, nope, I have to be on top of her for this. My doctor office has to fill out a form. My doctor office, another thing my case manager was supposed to help me fix and find a new one. Yet another thing that isn’t done. I did send a few emails for a new caseworker but I never heard back. I dropped the ball again. This caseworker and doctors office are useless. I’ll be dead before I get things done with them.

Ok enough of me bitching today. It’s the middle of the week and I’m exhausted. Cut me some slack. Hopefully Friday is a cheerier post.

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