I got spooned during acupressure healing yesterday

I got spooned during acupressure healing yesterday

Every week I do acupressurehealing. I truly love this work. This isn’t with pins like acupuncture, it is done with the hands or other tools to open your energy channels. Think of it as reflexology for the entire body. Acupressure is about moving the stagnant energy in your body to open you up to feel energized. When I am done I feel like I just had a massage without feeling groggy. I also have to say since I’ve been going steadily for about 6 months, my spasticity has really been quiet. Considering that has been one of my worst symptoms, I take that as an added bonus. Acupressure healing isn’t cheap. I couldn’t really compare acupressure healing to the acupuncture healing, I’ve never tried acupuncture.

Yesterday she used a basic spoon. She took the back of it and tapped on each bone and muscle joint. This is something you can do your self at hone. It creates vibrations through the bones and releases energy moving energy through your body. It is supposed to be great for arthritis too. Just use the spoons back on your bones from your feet up to the top of the head, everywhere. Do it for as long as you like. Get you energy moving. It helps reduce stress specially when you do it all over the head and stiffness. Or at least I found it did. Don’t do it too light your suppose to feel it. I have no tactile feeling complete numbness in most of my body and I felt it, places it even almost hurt. However don’t bruise yourself or knock yourself out with a spoon. I take no responsibility for that. Have a happy day, happy spooning. Xoxo

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