Our Chronic illness understanding

Our Chronic illness understanding

I’m asked a lot, by my family, if I’ve learned anything since I started writing this blog. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that somehow we all understand what each other goes through. I follow a lot of people with some sort of chronic illness. I read their blogs and can totally relate to what they are saying and I get comments all the time that they relate to what I am saying. It doesn’t have to be someone just having multiple sclerosis it can be any chronic disease. It’s like it’s own community of understanding the part of us that is sick. We get each other’s struggles and triumph. We know what it means to say we had a bad day. Reading the comments from people whom you have never met but completely understand what your saying, how you feel and how difficult it is is a priceless gift I was never expecting when I started this blog.  So today I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who has put their heart on a computer screen for everyone to read.  To every writer that has had their own struggles and has shared their thoughts with others to inspire and commiserate and help.  To every writer dealing with a chronic illness that wakes up each morning and starts another day. I thank each and every one of you whom I’ve found and whom I yet to discover. Thank you for everyone that has made a comment that understood what was being said. Thank you all for your words to know none of us are alone.



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  1. Once again, your welcome, and thank you. I first bought a lap top around 2004 when I started law school. I started really boppin around the internet after I was diagnosed. I think a lot of what you say is right on. I have been following MS bloggers for a few years now. Some of them have been on my favorites for years. My MS has progressed to the point where I stay at home a lot and rest often. Going online and connecting with a community such as this probably helps my MS more than anything else. It affects me in so many ways. So thanks again. For everything. Multiple ExperienceS is now on my favorites.

    p.s. I awoke thinking of Mick Jagger’s 1993 Wandering Spirit. What a disc…


    1. Didn’t even know people blogged about it until I woke up one morning deciding to blog. Really didn’t even know what a blog was. I used chat boards. Did I just age myself? It’s really been a very heartwarming experience from all sides and aspects.

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