High dose biotin for MS

High dose biotin for MS

High dose biotin, I’ve discussed this product many times on my blog. In an article on medical news today http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/315193.php

Several studies on the use of biotin as a treatment for people with MS have shown positive results.

One study found that people with MS who had taken high doses of biotin, reported reduced pain and improved energy levels.

A French study showed that people with MS who had been treated with biotin found that their vision had improved.

Scientists in Canada also documented an improvement in vision as well as a reduction in partial paralysis. In another study, 91 percent of participants showed clinical improvement.

It is important to note that these are preliminary studies and that not every person who took part in the studies saw the same degree of improvement.

However, several studies do show that of those people who have been treated with high levels of biotin, some have seen a slow-down in the progress of the disease and an improved quality of life.

I’ve said it numerous times as well that I completely believe that this product has made a difference. NO, it has not made a drastic difference but it has made a slight difference.  On my good days, my legs seem super speedy (speedy being in MS reality). I am consistent now with my timed walking at my doctor’s office. A timed walk I used to walk at 15+ seconds is now down to 10-11 seconds.  Again these numbers aren’t changing my life. They aren’t going to make my life easier, they are going to take away my challenges, and they aren’t going to make things less hard. What it does do, is on my good days, I feel just better, just stronger. Although I don’t have as many good days as I’d like, I’ll take whatever help I can get.

I was told by others taking the high dose biotin that it helped them handle the heat. I can’t attest to this yet since I wasn’t taking biotin during the summer months, but I will certainly blog if it helps me. I’ve also heard it helped with neuropathy pain. My doctor’s thinking matches my thinking, it’s a vitamin why not try and see if it helps, it certainly won’t hurt.

The dosage is 100 mg 3 times a day. You cannot buy this from a vitamin store. It is a high dose formula that needs to be purchased from a specialty pharmacy. I buy mine from Ace Pharmacy. The link is located right on my side bar ➡️. I don’t work for the company, or receive any commission from them, I use them because they are wonderful. Their customer service team will help and discuss any questions or concerns you have.

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