Tendonitis go away

Tendonitis go away

I worked out yesterday for the first time in a month. I was trying to really give my shoulder the time to heal, as recommended by my orthopedic doctor and my physical therapist. I’ve been suffering for almost a year now with tendonitis. My last appointment with the doctor was in early June and I received another cortisone shot. The shots definitely help but can only be given once every 3-4 months and even then is not a great solution. He said if the problem persists next will be an MRI but he’d never do surgery on me, WHY, because I have multiple sclerosis.

I’d love to tell you that I had no pain in my shoulder, but I can’t. Is it the unbearable pain that sends me to the doctor’s office for a shot, no. It’s the pain that says, I’m still here keep working out and it will get bad real fast. I know that if I went back to it full throttle nothing would change, the pain would become unbearable and I’d be back to crying in the doctor’s office.  Want to know what my exercise was yesterday? I did Cize by Shaun T. It’s dancing basically most of which I do in a chair. It seems that when my arm goes above my shoulder swinging about, it will cause issues. I mean really, I’m not lifting weights.  I’m not even using weighted arm bands. I’m just bopping around in a chair swinging my arms around trying to move and I can’t even do that anymore. 9 years I’ve exercised everyday. I exercised with steroids stints in my hands having multiple sclerosis relapses and this is what will do me in? First I had to adapt when my legs couldn’t hold up anymore so my arms did the work. It wasn’t much but I was still able to do something get a little increased heat rate and blood flowing. Now I can’t even do that!!!  It’s so unfair and today I  pissed. I can’t even blame MS which is even more amazing. I spent a month in therapy trying to do the right exercises to strengthen the tendons. I stopped all other workouts hoping it will heal, and NOPE.  Shoulder tendonitis, go away.


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    1. I think it’s because I’ll never heal the arm because I use a walker and that is part of the problem. I put so much pressure on my arm and shoulders when I walkI’ll never heal the arm.

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