My little French bulldog protector

My little French bulldog protector

I am finally feeling a little better. I got some Musinex yesterday which helped but the pounding in my head finally stopped too. I still don’t feel great but the fog that swept over my head and body has mostly lifted. I must again say with warning to anyone on an immunosuppressive drug be smart around others with any kind of sickness. I’ve was on Tysabri for almost two years and Rituxan for over a year and a half and neither of those drugs made me feel as sick as I did with this cold being on Ocrevus but still, just be smart around your family and kids if you are taking these drugs.

Enough about that, I want to tell you a story about Marshy, my 8 year old French bulldog. Marshy was always my dog. My daughter use to walk Boomer, my bulldog, because I could never get out of the house with just Boomer. However if I was home, Marshy wouldn’t even try to go with her, he wouldn’t even go if she called him and offered cookies. It’s the same now with his dog run, he won’t go unless I go down with him no matter what is offered. The other day when I was coming home and fell, it was right by the dog run. Since my aide opened the door, Marshy came running out. My loyal companion wouldn’t leave my side while I laid there trying to figure out how to get up. My poor aide was trying to get around him to get in a better position to help me up, but Marshy went into protective mode and blocked her. It was so sweet of my little 30lb buddy trying to protect me. He even knows and likes my aide, but nothing compares to his mom.

It was just a sweet story in the middle of my mess of my week.

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  1. I am so glad to hear you are starting to feel better!!

    It is so amazing how protective our pets are of us. This was such a sweet story!!! My cats are very protective of me as well. My cats know when I am not feeling well and will not leave my side. I am glad you also have that love of your Protective and loving French Bulldog. They make us feel better most of the time, don’t they?
    Take care!!

    1. I use to have cats and when I first got sick and I was diagnosed with MS one of my cats Tipsy started sleeping behind my head on my pillow and purring. Every night from the time I got sick she sleep there. I remember her purring me to sleep.

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