Ten days left until close

Ten days left until close

The first piece of me was added to the condo yesterday. My light fixture over my dining room table. This is a terrible picture because it looks gold in this yellowish light but it’s silver. It actually looks like this.

In the condo she has these lights with lamp shades makes everything look yellow. Today my step dad and I are going to Home Depot to pick out new door locks and sconces. On a side note yesterday was the first time I was at Home Depot in years. Whoever started that business was a genius. It is just a humongous store doing amazing business and everybody needs it. I don’t think there’s one person in the world that hasn’t been to Home Depot for some reason. OK back to my blog. I also have to get new locks for my storage unit and I’m putting this in my blog because I’m trying to help myself remember because I’m going to forget.

Tomorrow mom and I are taking another trip to the furniture store. We’re going to go over to Raymore and Flanigan’s and look for a coffee table as well as a one of those furniture pieces that’s also a fireplace. I’ve seen some nice ones that actually have some sort storage as well as the area for the cable box and could still hold the TV. I could put my TV on the wall but I don’t want to. I have a large TV it’s on a stand and I like being able to get to the back of it. I have my heart set now on one of those concrete top coffee tables. Unfortunately, because my head is stuck on that look, nothing else really appeals to me. My mother has this gorgeous sink in her bathroom which is the concrete top and I just love it. Since I did the grey family in the living room that concrete top is perfect but I haven’t been able to find a table I like.

I have to be very careful. Yesterday we cleaned out my attic. I sat on the floor the whole time, and I was 100% exhausted. I’ve been very good at spacing time and doing little things every day to limit that point of exhaustion but unfortunately the MS doesn’t go away because I have to pack. I’ve overdone it many many days doing very simple things. It is a very big challenge getting this accomplished and I have help. Over the weekend when my aide isn’t here, I do not pack. I try to rest but as the date comes closer, things need to get done. All that’s packed also has to be unpacked, so this adventure is far from over.

Still, it’s all exciting and I’m loving every minute of it. I love going through the old pictures that I’ve come across. I love seeing my daughter’s old dolls remembering when she carried them all around. I found an entire bag of my own Humpty Dumpty’s that I forgot about. So it’s been really fun, cathartic and even sad but so worth it.

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