Oops…that kind of day

Oops…that kind of day

You ever have those kind of days where everything falls, things break, or everything just seems to not go right? That’s my day went yesterday. It wasn’t things that I did necessarily. It wasn’t my MS and my hands couldn’t hold something, something that happens often. It was different things around me. It was going to the doctor and having to sit there after they change my appointment from 2:30 to 1:30 and I ended up not being seen until 2:30. I sat there for an hour. To talk to the doctor for five minutes so they can draw blood. I wasn’t really annoyed because every time I go to this doctor I’mthere for that long, they are never on time, but that’s kind of where it started.

Then I’m sitting with a friend, that I just made, who’s helping me with my new fire stick, and my mom calls. We made a very big error with the condo. The owner was giving me two storage units which we desperately needed. The last time I visited she just said some stuff that made me and my stepdad a little concerned that we might not be able to keep them. So we thought we would tell the lawyer to draft up something for close. Not realizing that the lawyer was going to turn around and actually call the management company. This is what became a big problem, not even a problem big mistake. The storage units have had a waiting list for years. They’re not really hers to give and when they heard they were going to be free they went to their waiting list. She was giving them to me on advice from the board members but now she can’t do it. Once the management company got involved it has to go to people on the waiting list and I lost them. Now I’m gonna have to utilize space under my bed, hopefully find space in my own closet and use my mothers house for storage. It was very unfortunate but it was done.

Then last night I was waiting for my neighbor to come over and someone rings my doorbell. I just figured it was my neighbor so I said come in and it was my neighbor, just not the neighbor I was waiting for. Talk about something happening that’s meant to happen. the neighbor hit my daughters car. A car that had to be moved earlier this week because they were taking down the tree. I was woken up by someone ring in the doorbell very early in the morning on Monday to move the car that day. Then after they were done I moved her car back. Probably not where she normally leaves the car. She usually leaves her car a little further back. And then the neighbor hits her trying to move over for another car. So now I need to deal with that. Very honest and nice of my neighbor to let me know.

It was just one of those days yesterday. They can’t all be peachy. However my new friend with my fire stick that was an awesome connection plus he was a super cool guy. I also sold my dining room chairs. So there was light in my day yesterday.

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