Weight watchers new program

Weight watchers new program

I’ve been on weight watchers now for over a month, I’ve lost a total of a pound. I’d love to explain what was going on, but I can’t. I’d lose one week and gain the next week. I’ve been tracking my food, staying away from sugar, and not cheating. There’s no answer to what’s happening. In all honesty, it’s one of the reasons I stopped being vegan. I really thought I was gaining weight because I was eating too many carbs. Every week I would go into my weigh-ins so upset. I talked to the meeting leaders there and they told me to keep up, I’m doing the right thing and a new plan was coming out. I’ve done exactly that. I kept tracking my food and I continue to eat right. This week I lost minimal weight, and we set a low goal for the month of 2 pounds. I get the fact that I take a lot of medicine, I’m getting older and I can’t really exercise anymore. But, to be perfect on a diet and not lose any weight in over a month just doesn’t add up for me. I saw my OB/GYN, and had blood work drawn. My neurologist has just had blood work drawn and I am going to see my general doctor next.

However that’s not what this blog was supposed to be about. What I loved about the new weight watchers program, it was everything i eat now. What they did is they made over 200 foods zero points and lowered your daily intake of points your allowed. I eat still a very vegetarian type of diet with the addition of the turkey, chicken, and fish. Weight watchers now has all fruits and vegetables, skinless chicken, skinless turkey, fish and shellfish, tofu, beans and legumes, and eggs as a ZERO point food. They don’t count. No that doesn’t mean you can eat until your engrossed, it means to eat until you feel full. However on my way of eating, this is tremendous, this is how and what I eat. Except for the eggs. It means I don’t have to track food other than whatever condiments I’m using or flavors I’m using. It really is a good plan.

I’ve been on weight watchers since I was about 10. I’m a lifetime member, but right now I’m above my weight goal. Unfortunately getting back down to the goal weight it’s going very very slow. I just need to rule out nothing else is going on and then be patient with it. However if you are thinking about doing the weight watchers type of plan, I highly recommend it, it’s an excellent plan and it always has been.

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