And how are you?

And how are you?

One of the greatest things about my blog, is the feedback I’ve gotten from people that have known me for years. It’s the first time they really seen into my life on a daily basis. The truth is as soon as the how are you feeling question is asked, I immediately, say ok, how are you? I mean really what was I going to say to them, I had an accident today I peed my pants or or maybe I felt today and bashed my arm. What purpose would that of served. However in my blog, I write it. So now they read things that they’ve never really knew we’re going on the daily.

Today was a good one though. I thought of my great friend in Canada with this one. She get a laugh. I have my big coffee cup, holds about 4 cups of coffee. I took it off the couch because I had to go pick up some Pooh my dog did in the correct spot. I put the coffee on my walker. As I was walking though I kind of stopped quickly and the coffee just slid right off the walker flipped over fell to the ground coffee went everywhere top came off but the Coffee cup somehow landed straight up so that only half of the coffee ended up on the floor. My little dog, Zoey, who loves coffee, was right there licking up anything she could. I mean really this is how I’m starting my day. You have to laugh at the humerus parts. I don’t know why I thought of you my Canadian friend. It was just so comical if you can imagine it and I explained it well. Hopefully that would be the worst that happens today.

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    1. I have those I’ve fallen and I can’t get up moments at least once a week. This just cracked me up because it’s the first thing I think of as I lay there. ???

  1. I agree. These types of things that are everyday occurrences, you just HAVE to laugh, otherwise you’d end up bawling! At least that’s been my experience. And they are funny, how they happen. I don’t have MS but I can relate. I used a walker until my legs kept giving out with no warning. One time that was even funny as I lay on my steps thinking, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up, just like the commercials! Luckily my grandson came and picked me up like a feather. That was in 2013. But until he came I was laughing thinking, I’m going to have to call 911 and I live across the street from the hospital!….thinking how embarrassing.?

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