I got a new scooter/wheelchair

I got a new scooter/wheelchair

I always call it a scooter, but technically I guess it’s a wheelchair. I really wanted the hoverRounds MPV5. When I called it was over $4000 and of course my insurance wouldn’t cover it. My thinking was I was going to wait until I became Medicare eligible and get it then. Medicare pays for it. The problem with that outlook is first I’m not gonna be eligible for Medicare until, two years after the start of my disability which is July 2018. The second is that then I will have to pay for Medicare as opposed to staying with my Medicaid plan that could become both Medicare and Medicaid that I probably won’t have to pay for. Considering Medicare is up to almost $115 a month it’s a big difference.

Anyway, since I’m selling my whole entire life or at least the last 11 years of it, I’ve been on different sites to sell my stuff. My daughter told me to try let it go. It’s my first time ever trying this site but I said OK. I must say it is really easy and I’m actually really been getting a lot of hits on my stuff to sell. I don’t even know what made me look for anything but I ended up finding, for reasonable price, this scooter. It is much smaller than my current hoveround. It’s turns so much better than my travel scooter. It’s both smaller and heavier then my travel scooter. It is perfect for my condo. if I need to go into the scooter full-time or if I need to leave it in the house full-time, it is the perfect one. Dumb luck that I looked for it and found one 15 minutes from my house.

I’m so happy. It’s such a simple thing but it just made me so happy to have the right scooter. I’m now going to try to sell the other one that I had that is just way bulky. I will always keep the travel one because that one breaks down and isn’t too heavy. Perfect for travel. That one could stay in my car until I eventually get a car that I can have the scooter either fully in the back or on a lift in the back. When that happens, that will be the day I probably go full-time in to the scooter. I have to say it’s nice to be so happy about so many things recently. I certainly never thought I’d be excited over a scooter. When you realize the difference and see how much it can help you, it really does make you happy even with MS.

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