It’s another Monday

It’s another Monday

These days come fast, don’t they? I have to say, it’s been very busy for me. Good busy buying stuff for my new condo, but busy. I’m exhausted and it’s Monday I didn’t even do anything. I was out both days this weekend shopping. I had buy new locks the door. May not sound like such a big deal, but I have multiple sclerosis and it’s getting worse. I fumble a lot with keys and sometimes the dexterity in my hands is not very good. I had a buy a lock that was going to work for me in years to come. I was originally going to buy a Bluetooth lock, and I ended up buying the ones that have a combo and a key. I also bought one that has a handle as opposed to a knob which I believe for my hands will be easier to turn because the knob could sometimes be difficult. If you have MS, it’s actually one of the test that the neurologist make you do, turn the door knobs. It is the test looking for weakness in the limbs. I figured that pressing the button of a combination will be much easier for me and for others I can make keys.

The fun part was furniture shopping again. I originally had my heart set on a concrete coffee table. I love that look but I ended up buying a beautiful travertine coffee table which is a more neutral color and much heavier. Again, with my multiple sclerosis I had a buy something that wasn’t going to move as soon as I knocked into it. I also needed something that I can lean on if I was losing balance. As well as something that was going to work. Unfortunately, I had to be realistic to my life and my issues. I needed a very heavy sturdy table that I could lean against if need be. I did splurge on one really great piece for my living room. I got a electric fireplace that will act as both my bookcase and my TV stand. This fireplace is so cool. It looks like the flames almost dance above these delicate white crystal rocks. The rocks even change colors or you could change the settings of the flame. As soon as I saw it, I had to have it. Luckily both my mom and stepdad totally agreed.

This week I’m continuing packing. I am mailing things that I’ve sold on eBay. I am taking care of a couple of doctors appointments. I’m going to wash my blanket and see one of my friends who owns the laundry mat. I’m going to weight watchers and finding out about their new program. Another busy week. Hope everybody has a great week.

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