Rewriting a thankful list

Rewriting a thankful list

I’ve been a little sad lately. I’d love to answer I know why but I don’t even know. I just know I feel a little off, a little down, and just not my normal self. I can’t wrap myself up in my spiritual studies well. I haven’t been meditating. My morning affirmations have been difficult. I knew I needed a blog today about things I’m grateful for instead of things that are absent.

  1. My daughter’s birthday is on Sunday, she’s going to be 19 years old. That’s pretty exciting. Celebrating her birthday is always fun. We have a little ritual for when she wakes up on her birthday morning and I just get excited to see her.
  2. My dogs. They will always be on my grateful list. Even though they will change over the years. I just adore having animals. They have brought so much love and joy to my life. I hope they know how much they are loved. A dog kiss lifts my spirits all the time.
  3. My family. Another staple on my grateful list. Every single one of them. Some I talk to every day and some I don’t even talk to every year. I have a wonderful family that I know I can call and count on for anything. It works both ways. They can call me too I would do anything.
  4. My condo. My view. My pool. They all go together. I love where I live. I love gazing out the window to the boats going by. I love how it looks. I love how peaceful it is in the morning. I love that I can go downstairs and go swimming anytime I want. I love how much better I’ve been doing since I’ve been swimming. I love having access to a pool and a gym. I love having neighbors and being in an apartment like setting where you see people all the time but yet you don’t see anybody.
  5. My insurance. My insurance used to be a gaping financial hole for me. I couldn’t see certain doctors or go to physical therapy for 15 years because I couldn’t afford the copay. I had to have my doctor change prescriptions because I couldn’t pay the co-pay on specialty drugs. It was always a nightmare. I still have issues with my insurance company and battles, but it’s never a financial hardship for me anymore. For that reason I will deal with it any day with the insurance company and I’ll be grateful. I can go to the doctors I need to.
  6. The new people in my life. The reconnection of an old friend. The connection of a new friend. My MS fitness trainer who is the most amazing person and truly has a heart of gold. My aid who takes care of me every day five days a week. The new acquaintances I made in my building. It seems that my new friends and the new people that came into my life were good people. It is always nice when you get rid of some spoiled relations to pick up some quality goods.
  7. My MS. This one may sound strange. Without this disease, I wouldn’t be where I am today. The person I am today is because of the path that I ended up on which started the day I got diagnosed. My MS gave me strength and resilience that I would never of had without the disease. That is why I’m thankful.

I would add more to this list but my daughter woke up and my aid just got here. It got very loud all of a sudden. I am going swimming. I hope everyone can think of something they are grateful for whenever their mood slips. I feel better just writing this.

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