Schools back reminder about oils Doterra

Schools back reminder about oils Doterra

I can’t say enough good things about these oils. I started feeling horrible on Tuesday with a chest cold starting. I consumed my one drop of Oregano and one drop of Onguard in some water. I woke up Wednesday not much better but continued throughout the day with Oregano and Onguard. By Thursday I was feeling better. By Friday, I was fine and I have MS and a weakened immune system.

My daughter, at college, said she needed Oregano and Onguard STAT. “Everyone is sick by me, I don’t want to get sick to”. I immediately sent her a package out to have on hand.

My sister put together a list of oils to help when faced with sickness. Head over to my Doterra page and check them out Contact me if you want to learn how to save some money off the products.

few how to use oil reminders:

1. colds/sick: 1 drop on guard in water (you could also do that regularly) and oregano when you are really run down. orengeno is really powerful (natures anti botic) but holy can blow your head off. Ideally take a drop and put it in an empty gel cap (you might want to buy some of those on doterra or amazon). otherwise, drink a drop. it will be very helpful but be forewarned about the taste!

for the kids when they get sick- when they get sick take 1 drop on guard and oregano too if you want, and dilute it with a tablespoon of coconut oil and put it on feet. you can also add lemon and meluca for extra strength immune boosting

fever: peppermint oil dilute with some coconut oil and rub on feet or chest or back (peppermint is very cooling)

sore throat = lavender and meluca. you can gargle that

natural cleaning: on guard and/or lemon and meluca in a spray bottle and fill with water. natural disinfectant. to kick it up a notch for bathroom, etc add some white vinegar

I’m tired afternoon diffuser pick me up: lemon and peppermint. Hello candy cane! 🙂

calm me down diffuser calm down: Lavender and/or lavender/ lemon or lavender + 1 drop frankincense

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