Keto diet for MS

Keto diet for MS

Wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t extreme. Vegan to Keto, that’s extreme. Why would I even think about this? A movie called the Magic Pill on Netflix. Ironically, it was watching Forks over Knives on Netflix that I became Vegan. My diet isn’t working anymore and hasn’t been working. I’ve been maintaining a ten pound unexplained weight gain following a plant-based diet and tracking on weight watchers. This past week I put on an additional 4 pounds. I don’t eat enough food for that kind of weight gain. I’ve never been a thin girl and I’ve accepted that but this is out of control. Sometimes things need a shake up.

The ketogenic diet is high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates. It induces a state of ketosis, tricking the body into starvation mode.

Everything I know about dieting is always low-fat so this concept goes totally against the grain for me. Very Atkins-like. The diets actually are similar but the Keto diet limits your protein and Atkins doesn’t.

What shocked me was the information regarding multiple sclerosis.

Scientists have revisited the diet during the last couple of decades, and not just for treating epilepsy in children. Recent studies suggest that following a ketogenic regimen could benefit people with other types of neurological disorders, including MS.

Researchers don’t fully understand what brings about the ketogenic diet’s neuroprotective qualities. One theory is that ketones produced by the liver provide more fuel to cells in the brain. These ketones may give these cells the ability to resist damage from MS inflammation.

I haven’t made any decisions yet. I know I’d love to hear from others. I’ve been following Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis, OMS, diet which is the Dr. Swank diet of low fat with healthy omegas. Vegan with fish for me. I don’t know what I want to do. How have others done on the Keto diet?

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  1. I have been eating Keto since May and I was diagnosed with MS in 2005. I am taking Tysabri as a DMD and take many other medications including medical Cannabis to manage my MS, however I am amazed at how much better I feel taking my carb intake down to 20 g a day. I also allow myself only 4 g of sugar per day. This way of eating is great for me and I am confident that I will never go back to my high carb eating. I believe that when you know better, you do better. I am sure I was eating at least 1500-2000 grams of carbs a day, was it any wonder why I am 50 lbs overweight? I have lost 24 lbs and dropped 2 pants sizes and I feel great. My blood sugar has dropped from a 6.9 less than a year ago, to a 5.6 this week. I should also say that my family doctor suggested we both go Low Carb, Moderate Protein and high fat (she did say that I would be fine on 30 g carbs per day which I will do once I am at my goal weight), this way of eating has been a pleasant surprise and I am still able to be creative cooking, which I love to do. On a side note, my husband has fibromyalgia and is Keto as well and is feeling amazing! Let me know if I can help you in any way and good luck!

  2. Hi I really wanna ask how did you follow the Keto Diet. With MS you have to worry about the fats, the saturated fats the kinds of oils it’s so difficult to determine if this is helping me fight MS or leading to worsen my condition

    1. I really didn’t stay on Keto long enough that I think it would have effected me. I was maybe on Keto for a total of 2 months. Having said that I think it is why I ultimately didn’t like Keto. I lived so long avoiding fats like that eventually they made me nauseous. I never had any adverse ms issues from being on Keto but no improvement either.

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