Weakness in my hands

Weakness in my hands

Wasn’t my finest dexterity day. My fine motor skills weren’t so fine today. I haven’t been to occupational therapy in a few weeks and I think it showed. It was rough today. I wanted to take the peg and tweezers and throw them across the room.

It looks so harmless in the picture but we don’t use this huge tweezer. We use one of those tiny things you’d use to pluck your eyebrows.

On a good day this is extremely difficult and it is always my first exercise of the day. Today it was impossible. I had to give up with the tweezers after 20 minutes and use my hands. This wasn’t much better. As the 30 minute mark came around we retired the pegs for the day.

My favorite putty came next because I was so frustrated by this point. My hands were also fatigued. At least I have fun with that although my better hand which is my right hand did most of the work. My therapist decided on one more fine motor skill for the day and then called it quits. My hands didn’t have the ability today. We moved to other exercises that worked my muscles.

Not my finest hour in therapy.

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