The chiropractor who tried to diagnose me

The chiropractor who tried to diagnose me

I forget this story because I had a major attack and was diagnosed in a weeks time that the very first people I saw were like quick blips. I was reminded of this story when someone recommended me to see a chiropractor. Understand, this is MY experience and I am not knocking the whole world of chiropractors. I know many people who use them and benefit greatly.

I had my major attack Valentine’s Day weekend in 1998. I was moving into my new house. There was a lot going on and it was extremely stressful. As I started experiencing some of my MS symptoms down my leg, I made an appointment for a massage thinking that I just simply pulled something. After the massage the lady came in telling me she couldn’t get circulation into my leg (the one I was experiencing the problems with), my leg continued to remain cold. There was a chiropractor downstairs would I like to see him before I left. I said yes.

In the office they took a few X-rays and did some adjustments. He told me my spine was out of alignment pressing on individual tendons causing the lack of circulation in my leg and the numbness and weakness. It made sense. My insurance didn’t cover the appointment so I had to pay cash. This was on Tuesday evening of my week.

It was Friday my mother got me the appointment at my stepdad’s back doctor. They asked me to bring in the X-ray from the chiropractor. I paid cash so I went to pick them up. The chiropractor wouldn’t give them to me right away. I had to wait to talk to him. When I went in to see him he told me how he was worried about me and that I don’t need other doctors. He’d gladly give me the X-rays but I need adjustments a few times a week and I’d be fine. He wouldn’t let me leave. I was so uncomfortable and i was young and scared by this point with what was happening to me. He finally gave me the X-rays and I left. I was diagnosed by the end of that day.

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