What I’m looking for on Plenty of Fish

What I’m looking for on Plenty of Fish

So far nothing else is happening on plenty of fish. I must say that I was completely turned off by my first encounter First POF date that I certainly haven’t put much effort into the site. I’ve exchanged some emails with a few men but nothing to write about in a blog post. One guy keeps texting me because I made the error of giving him my cell however after he wrote this message

Open your loving heart to me and let me know how much love my princess has in store. Hahaha… Good Morning and have a beautiful day ahead. Smile now ?

I was slightly turned off. It would have been nice if we’ve been texting a while but that was his first one. Just weird. I never replied yet the texts don’t stop. That’s what is even stranger. It’s been over a week and I get texts still.

I’ve spent the last weekend home with my family or my dogs and thought to myself I’m ok with this. I was happy and content not sure what sparked my interest to try again. It is certainly not sex. I have no interest in it to be honest. Kisses and hugs yes, that I miss, but I don’t even know if my legs could separate anymore ?. They need help to be placed in every other position. Thanks to MS when I’m on my back I’m like a beached whale just stuck there until something or someone moves me over or helps me up. An attractive thought for a sexual partner. So what am I really looking for on plenty of fish?

The answer is I’m not sure. A companion maybe, a friend. I am looking for a different type of love then I had in the past. I’m not even sure I’m looking for love. I had love in my life and I’m very grateful for that. I still have love with friends, family and my dogs. I just at this point am looking for something more simple and those dumb lines aren’t going to work. So far the only email I liked came from one guy who said this

Hi Jamie good Sunday afternoon how are you doing I’m Billy nice to meet you hows your weekend going hope its going good sorry to hear that you have MS I have a friend from staten island that has it also shes doing good with it hope you are also

Might not be anything but at least it was real. Happy Monday.

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  1. Hello. Looking for love a relationship. A partner. I just got out of a 12year relationship. And that was because of my Diagnosis. I didn’t ask for it. Certainly don’t deserve losing my love. But life goes on. The best way you can.

      1. Yes it is. Sorry just saw this. I did almost everything I could for her n the relationship. Sorry to seem like I’m venting

          1. Yes. Now it’s more 4 my brain to go nuts. Can’t believe all this has happened 2 me. Bring on 2021 really quick. 2020 has been hell

    1. I’m sorry to hear that I’m not the only one I met my wife in September 2005 married in 2007 2008 almost exactly a year later I was diagnosed with ms the relationship continued on until about another year after I was diagnosed. until I could no longer with the cheating but I never said a word until after I was gone . Now 4 year’s later I haven’t found anyone yet but haven’t actually tried. Afraid of rejection

      1. I understand that. Rejection is tough with MS or without MS. I find that women or more understanding of a chronic illness than men are. It’s definitely harder for women. I truthfully gave up because the thought of having to get dressed up and ready and make up and a whole show I was just more that I could possibly do anymore.

  2. Sad thing I’ve been looking for love in the wrong places. I was diagnosed with MS in 2009 and I’d love to find a mate who has MS like I do.

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