Hot Flash Symptoms and Multiple Sclerosis

Hot Flash Symptoms and Multiple Sclerosis

I had physical therapy in the morning. I didn’t do everyone of my exercises but I did all of my hard ones. My therapist and I cut it short because I actually started overheating. My cheeks turn red is my first sign. I start becoming warm even though I may or may not be doing much and then I start sweating. With that my MS symptoms get worse. This is why I rarely wear blush on my cheeks because I’d look like a clown if it happens and I already had a color on my face.

It sounds like a hot flash but it has been happening to me for as long as I can remember. I’m terrified when I get hot flashes with it. According to webmd

Some people with MS also have hot flashes that aren’t linked to hormones. Your doctor might call them paroxysmal symptoms. It sounds scary, but it just means your autonomic nervous system, which controls your organs, blood vessels, and some muscles, isn’t working like it should. Let your doctor know.

Once I cool myself down it goes away and I am fine again.

It happens in the summer or if I drink a hot beverage too fast and I’m bundled up in warm clothes. I can just get overheated quickly and until I cool down I’m a mess. Alcohol does it to me too. I remember having breakfast at a restaurant and having a cup of coffee. Big mistake that day. I was a sweaty mess with bright red cheeks and it was 50 degrees out!!!! The next day I could repeat the same routine, wear the same clothes, order the same foods and be fine. Makes no sense. Just another way my body can’t control temperature.

Does this happen to anyone else?

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  1. I don’t know if this is the same thing, but recently I have noticed that I will start perspiring for no apparent reason. I thought that it was because of I virus that I was saddled with the better part of a week as few weeks back, but it still occurs from time to time when I am doing absolutely nothing.

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