Still blogging in 2020

Still blogging in 2020

Year 2020, that’s crazy!! How was your first day of the New Year? I’m still here writing a blog to the internet. I love my blog, it is therapy for me, a way for family and friends to understand my daily life and a way to meet other bloggers and people. I should say this everyday, THANK YOU for reading, commenting and inspiring me to continue to write.

I’m not a writer, actually English was my poorest subject in school. Grammar was not my strong point, obviously still isn’t. Yet I’ve been writing this blog for almost 4 years now everyday. What it started as and what it is now are very different. I thought I’d be writing about dating with multiple sclerosis and then some other related ideas. Well dating went in and out pretty quickly and I still wrote. I think now I try to give others my own experiences so they can either relate, understand, empathize or prepare. I try to give MS related information that is new or interesting. I give advice based on my own beliefs that has served me well. I also add in recipes and my dogs to break things up. Sometimes I try to show my humor which is very hard in a blog. Mostly I give a piece of me in everything I blog about.

My dad thinks I should take my blog posts and form a book. I definitely have something to say but haven’t explored that option yet. Right now I’m happy to be able to write and very grateful to that microphone on the iPhone that lets me dictate my blog. Here I am in 2020 writing another post. I don’t think I envisioned this when I started my blog in 2016. Thank you for the support that keeps me writing.

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