Les Millis Bodyjam Workout

Les Millis Bodyjam Workout

I’m setting up my blog the night before because tomorrow I start my double therapy sessions. First day back in physical therapy so I’m a little scared. Scared because I know it will be hard.

On another note, I am always looking for fun new workouts that I can revise to work for me in a chair. I love dance workouts like Cize or Rockin Abs both from Shaun T on Beachbody. I have figured out how to bop in my chair without moving my feet and getting exercise in. That being said, I love this workout on YouTube https://youtu.be/Srd6TwU6UoIhttps://youtu.be/Srd6TwU6UoI. I love the music too. Without standing my heart rate has been close to 140 and I’m sweating. I use my weighted gloves but I am sitting the entire time and achieve that heart rate. It will be even better when I actually get the routine perfect, right now I’m still messing up but having a blast. Figured I’d pass it on to anyone interested. https://youtu.https://youtu.be/Srd6TwU6UoIbe/Srd6TwU6UoI

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