Room in bed for everyone

Room in bed for everyone

I don’t move when I sleep. I’ve slept on my back as long as I can remember. The only thing that moves throughout the night is my head. I may turn to the left or right on the pillow thus leaving the back of my hair slightly knotty yet the front perfect. If it wasn’t for my Marshmallow going under and out of the blankets all night long the bed would look completely undisturbed other then the space where I laid down.

It occurred to me this morning that of course I don’t move, I can’t. I can’t turn over without pulling myself up with my side bar. I can’t pull my knees up to get out of the bed. I don’t move because it is physically impossible for my body to move without assistance.

Then I started thinking did I always sleep like that? I know when I was a teenager I use to listen to music on my stomach then turned to my back to sleep. I remember that, partly because of my Humpty Dumpty dolls that I slept with. They were always on my belly with their floppy hands over my mouth.

Plakie Cumfy Dumfy

Since I’m 48 and still sleep with them, I guess I’ve always slept on my back. I don’t think I ever moved. I remember when I’d sleep with my 70lb English Bulldog and daughter in my bed, I’d have my sliver of a spot and they’d take up the rest of my king size bed. I sleep like a 1/2 inch from the edge of the bed. Thankfully I don’t move or I’d wake up on the floor.

Just a little Monday morning observation I had today. Just one thing that got worse with my multiple sclerosis but didn’t matter because I always slept like that anyway. Phew.

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