Family weekend and a quiet week

Family weekend and a quiet week

Good morning. Happy Monday. I had a nice weekend myself, lots of family. I started with my stepmom coming in from Florida. She came Friday afternoon with my younger sister.

It was a really nice visit. I missed her hugs. I haven’t seen her in probably 2 years because of Covid. My little sister I see every few weeks, which makes me happy. It is hard to believe a year ago she was living in San Francisco. She hasn’t been in New York since she graduated college. Now she’s back, and I love it.

We look alike,, don’t we? She just cut her hair. It made me laugh because I was thinking about cutting my hair. Now I know how it would look. Although I don’t think I would go quite that short. If my dad was up from Florida and he was in the picture with us you would see we all three look very similar. Put my daughter Mikayla in the mix and he would see a very big family resemblance. No question where we came from.

Saturday I had my stepdad here. We always spend Saturday together watching some crime related show. Right now we’re watching the escape from Dannemora prison. Wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be because it’s more like a movie in six parts. I like documentaries, so does he. This is more fluff I guess you could say. Not quite how we like to watch. However, I’ve been watching for four episodes I have to see the end.

Sunday I spent the afternoon at my girlfriends house in the building. She’s the one who broke her shoulder. We played cards which was funny since neither one of us could shuffle. Made us laugh, we had fun. That was my weekend. Next thing I knew it was Monday. My week is back to normal Tuesday Thursday is physical therapy. Wednesday game day. Friday mahjong. Nothing crazy. No complaints from me. Have a fabulous day and and week ahead.

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