MS won this time

MS won this time

I had a very disappointing physical therapy session yesterday. I walked about a hallway and a half. The second full hallway still being my goal but once again escaping my grasp. I got tired and tried to sit for a second or two before I started my trek home. That was probably the beginning of the bad decisions. The upright walker isn’t easy to turn around with but even harder when you are trying to turn around to sit. There is nothing to hold on to that keeps your balance as you move around.

It would be helpful if there were extended bars out from where you lean your arms. That way you could grab the bars as you are pivoting your body. I had my therapist with me and he offered his arms as the support I needed.

Once I was sitting I realized that there was nothing to leverage myself to get up with. I couldn’t push off from the arm rests because they were higher than my body in the seat. I couldn’t push off from the seat because my ass took up the entire seat. Again if there were bars extending our I might have been able to use them as leverage but there are no such bars. I once again was lucky I had my therapist with me. He gave me his arms for leverage.

On my feet once again I started to walk back to my door. It’s amazing how far the trip looks on the way back. I was tired but I’m usually a little tired on the way back. This time was different. By sitting I lost my stride. I also used unnecessary energy trying to sit in the chair as well as standing back up. I was halfway back to my door when I started getting spasms in my legs. Not just in my legs like in the middle of my thighs. I knew my legs were going to fall me. I tried to sit again in the walker but I just couldn’t maneuver my legs as these spasms continued. I had to make the decision to go down to the floor.

There I am in the middle of the hallway one apartment door down from my own. My therapist went to get my wheelchair. However, as soon as the door opened out runs Mind and Zoey. Minx immediately started barking at me on the floor. I’d like to think he was trying to signal to someone I was on the floor. That could be wishful thinking because after his barking he came over licked my face and took off down the hall. Zoey followed right behind him after she gave me a kiss.

I got right up with the help of my wheelchair. Got safely seated and back into my home. A quick call to my dogs and they came running back. I was so disappointed how that ended. It was the first time I couldn’t get back home on my feet. It was the first time I ever had spasms like that in the middle of my thighs. I guess I did more than my body could handle. Sometimes determination isn’t always enough. I’m not use to giving in. This time MS won. Won’t happen often.

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  1. I can so relate to your story, and yes trying manuever these types of walkers around so that one may sit is extremely difficult and could be dangerous ending up on the floor instead of the seat. I get it! just listening to you story for me tired and fatigued.
    Best to you Always – Dix

    1. Just was upsetting because of my own stubbornness and determination. I don’t like not completing a task. I’m sure many can understand and many would think I’m crazy. I’d prefer to be persistent and stubborn. I think it is what keeps me sane.

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