I don’t recommend Physical therapy during the summer

I don’t recommend Physical therapy during the summer

Before I start my blog I want to wish my dear friend Hindi a Happy 50th Birthday. I love you. Have the greatest day.

I’m melting. I am fully inside with the AC cranking but I feel the heat inside my bones. I was trying to transfer to my comfy chair this morning and it took me 10 minutes. I didn’t fall but my legs were like jelly. I kept having to repositioning myself to get the right stance to stand up. That was a clear indication that it wasn’t going to be a good day. I decided to cancel physical therapy. Especially after my horrible session on Tuesday, I certainly didn’t want a repeat.

Now it’s Friday and the heatwave is still not over. I did see that starting on Sunday the weather drops down below 80 for the week. That sounds a whole lot more comfortable. In the future I need to remember not to do physical therapy in the summer. I started out so much stronger when therapy started because it was back in mid June. As the weather got warmer, physical therapy got harder. Actually I should say walking got harder. I’m on the top floor in my building. Even when the AC is on throughout the building, heat rises. It is warmer in the halls then my apartment. When I exercise in the morning, I have the AC up and the fan blowing directly on me. I can’t get that walking the hallway. I easily get warm or overheated. Next time if I am doing therapy around summer time, occupational therapy is going during the full summer months. Live and learn.

Since it is still hot and humid for the next 2 days, I’m planning on remaining near AC. I’m playing mahjong tomorrow with my friends in the building which is always fun. My daughter daughter is coming home from Maine where she’s been visiting her boyfriend for the last 2 weeks. She is moving there permanently in October but that’s for a different blog. Wishing everyone a very lovely weekend. Stay cool out there.

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