Rediscovering Dark Side of the Moon

Rediscovering Dark Side of the Moon

I forgot to take my nighttime pills before bed the other night. I should have realized when I was still awake after 11 o’clock. I was tired but unable to sleep. My leg was twitching, my neck was having little spasms and I don’t want to discuss what my stomach was doing. I can say it was the attention on my stomach that made me fall to realize why I was twitching. I’ve had a bunch of nights I forgot to take my pills. Most of the time I get through the night uneventfully. There are those handful of times I don’t and last night was that kind of night. It was after 12 when I realized what I did and why I couldn’t get my legs stop twitching. I knew if I took my pills that late I’d be asleep all morning. I made the choice thinking eventually I’d fall asleep. I’m sure you could guess how that went.

I watched the entire Matrix trilogy before sunrise. I started just to listen too because I was trying to sleep. My eyes were closed for the majority of the first film. I’ve seen the it many times but the other two films maybe once or twice. Once the second film started getting exciting I was up in my living room watching. Then I was up watching anything. I watched Cranked 1 and 2 which were not the best films but certainly required little thought. Then I went into my favorite category of documentary.

I ended up watching about the making of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the moon. I use to love Pink Floyd but I haven’t listened to them in ages. I remember nights laying on my floor in complete darkness with that album playing. I used to be mesmerized by that album. Truthfully I was mesmerized by a lot of Pink Floyd songs but definitely that album. I wish I could have been playing that while I was twitching all night instead of choosing the Matrix trilogy. Ok granted when I was in my dark room flat on my floor there may have been some alcohol or marijuana involved but doesn’t take away the brilliance of the album. As soon as I heard the songs played I was instantly brought back to that place of calming trance that Pink Floyd’s music could easily bring me. I didn’t need alcohol or drugs. It is amazing how music could do that. It’s amazing an album released in 1973, when I was 2 years old, can have such a profound effect still almost 50 years later.

It was the best 52 minute documentary I watched in a long time. I just wish the talked about the whispers. They talked about everything else. Oh well. It gave me a refound love into a group I always loved. However watching the wall I think I’ll skip and just stick to the album. Some things were definitely better with those mind altering affects.

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