Introducing Selma Blair, my thoughts

Introducing Selma Blair, my thoughts

I watched Selma Blair’s documentary the other day. It was a good documentary on her journey through her stem cell treatment. I can’t say my heart didn’t feel her fear and sadness during her MS struggles. I had a completely different path with my MS symptoms and onset. It always amazes me that this disease can be so different for each person yet we still relate completely to each other. Selma Blair and I are both the same age and while I watched her journey that fact never escaped my mind. Yet I was diagnosed at 26, she was 42. I was a classic relapsing remitting MS. I think she was a more progressive MS, although that wasn’t ever mentioned.

I might get eatin alive for this but I don’t always love her as an ambassador for MS. She has brought awareness to the disease but she has also made money from the disease. She has promoted various MS products on her Instagram, which have been taken down, for money. She also posted picture after picture of her journey on Instagram but when asked what she was doing, she would never answer. I mean so many people with MS were following her, supporting her, but she was so vague about her treatment. In my opinion that’s because 99% of us could never get stem cell treatment. Either we couldn’t afford it, wouldn’t be eligible for it or simply are too disabled for stem cell transplant to make a difference. It certainly isn’t something that insurance will be paying for anytime soon. I am not saying she shouldn’t have done everything she could to heal herself but she didn’t have to hide it from everyone asking. I wonder now if it is because she was documenting what is now her released documentary, Introducing Selma Blair.

Jamie Lynn Sig let, Christina Applegate. Jack Osbourne and even Montez Williams all have MS. They are not all over magazines promoting their MS. I actually have always liked Selma Blair but I almost feel she’s become more famous because she has multiple sclerosis. Understand I DO NOT for one second think that she hasn’t and isn’t struggling from having MS. I get the severity of our disease. I have just missed the humbleness of the disease in her posts and covers. I can say I definitely saw it more in the documentary. Hey maybe I’m just f’ing jealous she did what I can’t. That is very possible too. I apologize to anyone who is offended by my opinion.

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  1. Very skeptical of big names w/MS who lead people in a direction. Stem cell research is all over the place right now, so be cautious and get a good understanding of the different types and the different effects on the different MS stages. Best hope seems to be total wipe out of immune system, which is done by different methods. Then, it’s lock down time until your immune system comes back.

    1. My neurologist feels it is to evasive at this point still. Not to mention that I am to disabled for a benefit. However I don’t even know if she mentions anything about any other possible medications. I don’t know. Maybe it is me with a slight bias to her.

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