Happy Monday

Happy Monday

Good morning, happy Monday to all. Hopefully everyone had a lovely weekend. I had a great visit with my sister, niece and nephew on Saturday. My dogs enjoyed the visit too. It’s nice to see a 9 and 10 year olds energy around two dogs. The dogs exhausted before they did. Sunday was Formula 1 and it was the only race in the United States. Next season they added a second track in the US, Miami. The big difference in a US race is that the time difference is normal and I saw a race run at 3pm not at 9am. It was also a really exciting race. I just love watching Formula 1. I really wish I could watch races all week.

Today I start occupational therapy. Actually I should say today I have the occupational therapy evaluation. They always start with an evaluation. How am I doing? What are my goals? Etc. I’ve have had this therapist before so he knows me. He didn’t think I looked worse from last year but other than having me stand and raise my arm, we didn’t do much. I know that how I feel is a matter of the day and even the hour. He use to come at 8am and therefore I wouldn’t have worked out before his visit. He got me at my strongest in the mornings. Now he will be coming at 11:00. Where I won’t be doing a crazy workout routine, I also won’t be doing nothing. I will have to see based on the routine he does, what I may do prior. I might just do the MS gym exercise that generally don’t cause any fatigue. Maybe I’ll even just do the Bionic Gym https://bionicgym.com/?rfsn=6087517.2f5823. That also won’t cause fatigue. I will figure it out.

Well it is humid in my apartment because it is over 70 degrees out on the 25th of October. The rain storms are coming to Long Island. I’ve had migraines for days but so far today I’m ok. Sometimes the weather like this can bring one on. Hello, isn’t it Fall? I am anxiously awaiting sweatshirt weather. Instead I am debating putting on the AC. It just isn’t right. If I bitch about being cold in the winter I give everyone permission to throw this blog back in my face.

I’m off to partake in my Monday activities. It is fill up my pill cases day. I hate doing that. Smile everyone, you have already began another week.

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