A special birthday wish

A special birthday wish

Happy Birthday to my step dad today. A very special birthday, he turns 70. I’m happy to say I am seeing him for dinner. I have bought a few surprises to make the evening have a party like vibe. We are having dinner at my house so I like it to be a little special. He deserves it to be special. My stepdad has been in my life since I was like 4. I can’t say I have always given him the easiest road. I idolized my dad and sometimes didn’t know how to balance loving them both. It was something that took growing up to understand. He was always there for me regardless and I was always his daughter.

I think our relationship grew closer and closer each year. However, I think the birth of my daughter cemented our relationship on a different level. He certainly loved her from the moment she was born. Her birth just had him more immersed in my life daily even though I was married and living in my own home. Anything to see that little girl. In all honesty, after my divorce, I was my daughter’s parent but she was also raised by my mom and stepdad. They were and still are involved in so many decisions I made for her benefit. Over the years this just continued to build this special bond that we share.

I could never say when it actually happened but my stepdad is actually my biggest care givers. Every doctor appointment to my specialist in NYC, he’s driving me. Every time I call in the middle of the night he is getting dressed to come over before he even knows what has happened. Anytime I need a favor, he gets it done for me without a question. He visits me every Saturday. Just an afternoon me and him. These afternoons have been the highlight of my week. I get him mostly to myself because now I have competition with Minx. He and I laugh at the same things, have similar taste palates, watch the same shows, roll our eyes at the same time and love each other a lot. I can’t thank my stepdad enough for everything he does for me. I can’t thank him enough for the care he gives me. I can tell him I love him so much and wish him the happiest birthday. I wish whatever he wishes for comes true because no one deserves it more. Happy Birthday Bucky.

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