Mid week check-in

Mid week check-in

So far it’s been an interesting week. I finally called my doctor about the spasticity. https://multipleexperiences.org/2021/10/29/spasticity/. However if you check out the blog post’s comments you’ll find a really good suggestion from Tom. Even though I take 10mg of Baclofen daily, I personally never felt like it was a big help for spasticity. I take it daily to keep it in my system. When I do have spells of spasticity, I have the prescription to take up to 3-10mg tablets a day. I just don’t find it works that great. Gabapentin I try to avoid as much as possible. Like baclofen I take 100 mg daily to keep It in my system. I have a prescription for 100, 300 and 400mg. I purposely lowered the dose to 100. Gabapentin can make me dizzy, tired, weak and loopy. Why take that when I already have those issues having MS. I know it helps with neuropathy and spasticity but I try to keep it the lowest I can.

After taking to my neurologist, and discussing what he already knows about how I feel about these two meds, he prescribed Tizanidine. He told me it will make me tired so I was to start with 1-2mg tablet at night. I would get use use to the medication and I would increase the dosage to up to 3 a day. It wouldn’t be anything like gabapentin. Ok, I’ll try this. Yeah, sure like it would be that easy. My insurance company denied the medicine. Now we have to do a whole appeal process for the drug. I mean come on!!!! I have multiple sclerosis. These medications aren’t unreasonable for my disease. Frustrating.

My aide is away for the next 10 days. She is visiting her mom in Peru. I normally never take a substitute when my aide is off. I can’t handle someone who is scared of my dogs. I hate the awkwardness of someone new in the house. I hate having to tell them where everything is or goes. It all results in just more pressure on me. This time I said yes because the length of time she’d be gone. Plus if I didn’t my mother probably would still be yelling at me.

Thankfully she is ok with my dogs. Not that Minx gives her a choice. He has made himself comfortable in her lap or next to it every time she sits on the couch. She is a very nice lady but definitely lazy. She has made my bed each day and folded the pet pads that I had previously washed. Today she changed my sheets. I said about my laundry but it wasn’t done (although she added the dirty sheets in the basket). I asked her to water my plant, wasn’t done. I told her that during the week we would need to clean the bathroom, vacuum, and mop. After spending 30 minutes or so in my bedroom, she is basically sitting on the couch. She does help me if I need it and checks on me if I leave the room. She tries to help with the dogs but not much else is getting done. I guess things will have to wait until next week.

It is only Wednesday and I feel like so much is happening this week. I have occupational therapy in a few moments. This is my second visit of the week. It’s occupational therapy but I am walking with my upright rollator. I’m only doing laps in the condo not venturing out in the halls. I’m walking but not great. However, I’m doing it still. I’m still pushing through and chugging along. Let’s see what the rest of the week has to offer. Happy hump day.

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