Put on a happy face

Put on a happy face

Daylights savings was Sunday morning at 2am. I am waiting for this to finally end. I know that there has been legislation within the courts. I also know that each state within each time zone has to approve it to finally do away with it. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/6233980001. This weekend we gained the hour. I was up at my normal time. The clock might have said 7:30 but my body knows it is really 8:30. So do my dogs. Now it will be dark at 5 which will only make me more tired earlier. My whole internal clock will now be messed up for a few days. Just what someone with multiple sclerosis needs, something to mess up sleep.

I’ve been sniffling and stuffy but only occasionally sneezing. I think it might be allergies but it’s too cold. It’s been less than 50 degrees lately. Can you have allergies during cold weather? I’ve also have had a mild migraine for two days. Thankfully mild is the key word in that sentence. I’ve taken aspirin which has kept it at bay but it hasn’t disappeared. The spasticity I’ve been dealing with in my lower back hasn’t been great but definitely not worse. However the upper back is bad, although that is unfortunately not unusual. It is so tight from the areas of the scapula all up through neck. That is what causes some of my migraines. That tightness builds up so much pressure, I can’t get it to release. That tightness is always there to a degree but the pain and pressure comes on so fast. Until I can get it to release, I can’t get relief. Very difficult to deal with. The prescription my doctor prescribed for spasticity has still not been approved by my insurance. Therefore,I don’t take anything that helps.

I have very little pain compared to some people with MS. I really shouldn’t complain. I can’t deal with constant pain all the time. On the worst days, with the worst migraines, I have learned to function. That’s what years of dealing with symptoms of chronic illness will do for you. I’ve had to learn to cope, for my daughter’s sake or to get through a day of work. I’ve learned long ago to mask the discomfort of multiple sclerosis. I’ve even learned to mask the side effects of the medication I had to take. I think that is part of having an illness is the act we put on when we face others. It is another exhausting part of our story only few people know about.

I blog and now many people know the unmasked version of me. I always hope others find this blog and understand, multiple sclerosis and other illnesses, a little more if you know someone affected. I always hope to help anyone dealing with a disease and disability. I am now going to put my smile on and go about my day. It is another week beginning. Happy Monday.

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