A positive attitude makes all the difference

A positive attitude makes all the difference


I belong to a few MS websites that offer community support for people with MS or their families. I’m sure that most diseases have websites for this. That in itself can be a blog topic but we will let it go for today. One post has been in the back of my mind since I saw it. The caption read “MS ruined my life”. Now I’m the first to admit I’ve had bad days with MS and have been depressed, and angry multiple times. I’ve been stuck with needles by myself and others more times in the last 18 years then a pin cushion but in all these years I don’t think I’ve ever said “MS ruined my life”. MS definitely changed my life that I can 100% agree with. I have dealt with challenges and obstacles I never knew I had the strength to deal with. MS has taught me so much about me as a person, how strong of a person I really am.
Why this post bothered me so was the state of his mind. When I use to have an MS attack and get steroids, that was the time my pity party would be played out on an epic scale. However my mom would always say “get your head on straight”. That’s when I’d end the pity party and start getting my positive mojo on. It was then I’d finally start feeling better and getting on with my life. Now my positive attitude is taking a turn for all aspects of my life and why not? How many times have you heard about the power of your mind? If you haven’t well I suggest you research it. I attached a link to Marriane Williamson website with this blog a wonderful motivational speaker but there are many. My sister told me a story of her friends brother who had autism. His mind was that of a child but he was 40 years old. He got cancer. He was getting treatment in the hospital for his cancer and he would tell everyone he was getting medicine that would make him better. His mind believed it never had a doubt. Guess what? He got better. The mind is so powerful. These stories are all over the web. All you have to do is google it and thousands of stories will appear. I’m not saying great think positive and you’ll never be sick, you’ll never die, I didn’t fall off the rocking horse but I am going to say I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF THE MIND. I believe that the mind can create the good in our lives or the bad. I believe in the positive thoughts. I’ve seen changes in my life,in the universe, in my signs and sychronicities since I started being more in tune to positivity. I also feel the negative world is just sad. It doesn’t take much effort to put a positive spin on something and if you feel better being positive why wouldn’t you? I think all people should think within a more positive space but especially those with an illness.
I hope you all have a positively happy day ?

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  1. Mental pain is normal. Suffering is by choice. You chose not suffer which is inspirational!

    Love the blog entries! Keep it up!

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