My nemesis and the most evil thing I encounter…the scale

My nemesis and the most evil thing I encounter…the scale

Normally this is supposed to be Monday’s post. For some reason I was feeling good today so I took out the mean, horrible, evil scale.  I’m sure you can tell by my tone how this went. I have to say except for an isolated chocolate chip cookie from Panera Bread (really good I might add) I’ve been really healthy. I use to eat pizza once a week I’ve had it one time in the last four weeks. I haven’t gone haywire, I haven’t had a bagel I even skipped IHop pancakes. The scale is infuriating. Whats worse is I did it first things this morning so my mood for the day is completely set based on a number. Luckily I had the time to meditate and chill out.  I know I’m doing the right things and I know my body will catch up.  This is why I put the scale away to begin with.  It has no business upsetting my day with its stupid little numbers.

My new reading is with Wayne Dwyer Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting.  I am manifesting my thinner body. I am able to do this with my powerful mind.  He has a line in his book “I am the resurrection and the life in thought and feeling.” I can create my life with love.  I can’t delve too much into this because the art of manifesting is still new to me.  I know many of the spiritual people of the world have literally manifested their life, I know my sister has done it.  Her I’ve seen first hand all of her changes.  I’m still at the beginning. I have the thin bodies with my face all over my house on my refrigerator and my closet to name a few.  I have a journal that has pages and pages of prayers and fears about weight loss on my meditation alter (which is a table that holds my crystals and sage and a candle, slightly scarce alter). I have purchased plates, place mats and clothes napkins to change the way I set a table to eat. I do EFT tapping and I’ve read books. I’ve done many things so now I thought I’d try manifesting.  Now when I meditate I try to see the thinner me but more importantly FEEL the thinner me. I know that all the other things I’ve done have helped curb my cravings, have stopped my haywire days, has helped me see food differently, it’s just the number on the scale hasn’t moved correctly yet.  I just have to have FAITH in the process and keep doing what I’m doing.  I know it will all catch up.  For now once again the scale has been put back for another two weeks and my mood has shifted back to the positive.




3 thoughts on “My nemesis and the most evil thing I encounter…the scale

  1. Good for you! It takes a lot of motivation to stay on track and maintain a positive self image. I struggle with my positive self image, specifically regarding my MS symptoms and/or lack of abilities. I wish you all the best and hope you reach your goal 🙂

  2. The scale may be the wrong instrument for you. When working out, fat turns to muscule and it weights more. Don’t be surprised – that is something I’ve learned as I started to work out more.

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