What a difference a day makes….

What a difference a day makes….


OK in my case maybe it’s two days. Yesterday I decided it’s time to put the sadness behind me I put my braces in my sneakers, I put my foot in the sneakers, I tied up my sneakers and I walked out the door. I drove with the braces which was a little difficult but maybe it will take more time or maybe I can’t drive with the braces haven’t decided that one yet. I got to my destination and I walked with the braces attached to my legs. Got to be honest  I did walk better with the braces on them with them not on. I actually ended up taking them all up at one point because I got hot and I really had difficulty walking especially in those sneakers, but now I know with the sneaker and the braces made a difference.

You know what else I did yesterday I cooked.  I made two different kind of chicken cutlets and I make cauliflower rice. My first chicken came out pretty good typical teriyaki chicken which is normally my favorite the second one with the lemon pepper which is more for my daughter I didn’t try it couldn’t tell you if it’s good or not. The cauliflower rice that was really interesting I put the cauliflower into the food processor so it became fine and then I put it on my baking stone and roasted it in the stove so it became a little brown. I threw some marinara sauce over that just for a little extra flavor. I didn’t use butter because it has so many calories and by using marinara sauce it was like a low-calorie couscous.  I was pretty impressed with myself.

At my MS support group there was an wonderful woman who is a fitness MS physical therapist who spoke. She really seem to know a lot about the MS and limitations kind of felt like she was talking directly to me in a room full of people. When I spoke to my mom I said can I have an early birthday present? Well lets say the answer was absolutely and I left the woman a message that I’d like to have her come to my house for sessions. I was really excited about that. See what can happen in a couple of days that’s why those dark days that you have can never get to dark because it always changes. My mother said this was the most cheerful conversation she had with me in a really long time.  OK long time for me and my mother is really only a couple of days cause I talked to her 2 to 3 times a day but even so I knew what she meant. Have a happy day today everybody it’s Wednesday halfway there.

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