Sometimes you can not hate your MS

Sometimes you can not hate your MS

I don’t know if I can go so far as to say I am thankful for my MS, but I know I could say I’m thankful for the good days. I know I could say I’m thankful that I don’t have the symptoms of the pain.  I give a lot of credit to those out there that suffer from chronic pain. That is the one symptom I really don’t know if I can deal with 24/7. So for all my friends and acquaintances that deal with this,  I truly commend you. For me my multiple sclerosis is very difficult when it comes to walking, doing certain daily tasks, and overall life quality.  However once in a while I get those days where it’s not so bad. The other morning I had a really rough morning. I was trying to get into my step father’s car I literally couldn’t lift my leg up to get in.  Of course at that moment the tears came and I had my breakdown. It’s heart wrenching for everyone and what’s worse is when my stepdad try to pick me up.  I wouldn’t let him because I’m too vain or independent whatever you want to call it to go to that step. Took me a little but I finally got in by myself.  After that horrific morning I never thought that by the end of the day I would ends up having one of my best days.  I was walking everywhere with my walker completely up right not tiring out at all and I walked a lot. I haven’t had that great of a day in over a month.  It’s those days that I’m grateful for. It’s those moments that have become few and far between that I need to remember to say thank you for.  It’s very easy to get upset over all the bad. It’s very easy to think about the future and what might be. But sometimes it’s really nice to be thankful for the five minutes that you get when it really isn’t so terrible.

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