Second part of Rituxan infusion today

Second part of Rituxan infusion today

Most doctor’s do two rounds two weeks apart and then you repeat every 6 months. It will be the same senario as when I posted the first time

I feel bad for Zoey, the 5 month old puppy, today because no one is around and she has to be in her crate for 6+ hours. I feel bad for me because Zoey will have a lot of energy when I get home. Maybe it’s Marshmellow, my 8 year old frenchie, I should feel bad for. Poor thing wakes up and is greeted by this little fur ball biting his legs trying to play.  I’m sure as soon as the crate opens it will be no different.

Im preparing for my long day by getting dressed in comfy clothing. Making sure whatever shirt I pick that I can roll the sleeves past my elbow for the IV. I’ve averaged twice a year every year for steroids and my veins aren’t the most cooperative. They need to be able to see my entire arm. I’d prefer not to have to get multiple sticks trying to find a good vein for the IV.   I’ve packed snacks that don’t need to be heated. The place I’m going probably has a microwave but I’d prefer not to bother anyone. Every infusion place is different, the place I go to is very un-luxurious. Except for offering a comfy chair, there are no other amenities offered. My old place had private rooms, lunch, even individual tv with cable, however it was far. This place is down the road 1 minute away from home. The people are nice but it’s a large room, no privacy and no blankets. I bring my iPad and watch movies. That brings me to my next thing making sure everything is charged. This is my neuroses, I still will bring a charger in case but I like to know the phone and iPad are fully charged and ready to go. Other than that I’m prepared to just sit there. Not much more I can do. I like to drink tons of water but not during the infusion. It’s an ordeal to go to the bathroom with the IV so as soon as I get home I start my water regime of a flush.  It probably doesn’t do anything but mentally it makes me feel like I’m getting the poison out.  I expect to put on an additional 5+lbs from the infusion. I just took off the last rounds weight so in 2 weeks this should be off. Hopefully no side effects from the steroids and all will be good until July.

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