Me and multiple sclerosis continued

Me and multiple sclerosis continued

I’m sitting here with six exercises left of my P90X routine. Fuming actually that I haven’t been able to continue to finish the last six exercises.  This is certainly a first!!!!! I really just want to say go to hell MS.  This is such a sucky disease of times. It’s not bad enough that it takes a lot to muster the energy to exercise for any given person but an MS person its more of a push. I’m sitting here because my body just didn’t have any more energy left.  I was doing my push-ups, which I still do on my knees, and I couldn’t get off the floor. My legs were to tired, my arms were to tired, and I laid there frustrated and alone for about 5 minutes before I could get up.  Could you imagine? You might be saying how could you work out to that point?  Isn’t that the most ridiculous thing? I know that’s what my mother would be saying. That’s what my MS fitness coach would be saying. However if you read my post about MS and me, that’s not what I’m saying. This is a routine that I’ve done since 2010.  This is one of my favorite routines. I don’t give in or give up. Maybe I’m stubborn or stupid take your pick but it’s not acceptable. That was the point I was trying to make when I wrote me and multiple sclerosis. I won’t stop because of you even though I have limits.

So I ended up sitting for a half an hour. I read my course in miracles workbook. Close my eyes for 10 minutes did my morning affirmations. I chatted with my friend briefly via Text message.  Read my emails started my blog. I just finished my last six of my P90X exercises. With a little help from Zoey who likes go under me while I do my push-ups, its complete. Furry push-up kisses and all. Once again, as upsetting as it is, MS=accept, adapt, repeat. 

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    1. I use the conair spin brush. Luckily I learned how to use it when my hands were good because it took a while to get use to. It’s just a button and it acts like a spinning brush to smooth out my hair. During the summer I get it straightened for the ease of it.

  1. I love this; as you know I’m struggling at the minute too, and it is the little (negative) changes that are impacting on me. Well done for finishing. You are doing amazingly (we all are!) Keep strong x

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