Staying in the vibe

Staying in the vibe

Where to begin? In December 2015, things were just bad. I was in but not in a relationship that wasn’t good. I was completely exhausted working as my multiple sclerosis was worsening.  I was sad all the time. Disconnected from family and friends.  I knew I was in a dark place, I just didn’t know where to even begin. My wonderful sister tried many things to help me and nothing made sense. I didn’t relate to anything. Then she went to hear a talk called Crazy, Sexy, Miracles with Gabby Bernstein and Kris Carr.  She told me to buy the videos online That was it, that was what connected. That was the talks that started my spiritual journey. I connected with Gabby Bernstein

I started reading every day. I read everything by Gabby Bernstein. I watched everything on YouTube that I could. From Gabby, I learned about A Course in Miracles that I do everyday. From Gabby, I learned about Marianne Williamson, who does a free live stream every Tuesday night. From Gabby, my whole life started to change.  I became aware, awakened, less sad, less angry. I started coming back to myself. I started forgiving others for how they treated me, or wronged me. Most importantly, I started forgiving myself.

I was so fortunate this weekend that I was able to attend a spiritual junkie master class by Gabby Bernstein. This class consisted of 300 other people on the same journey. 300 people transforming their lives from what it was to what they want it to be. 300 people looking to live a life from a place of love instead of a place of fear. 300 people that were inspired, inspiring and excited. For three days I sat in a theater surrounded by these 300 people. Each day that feeling, that vibe, just increasing and increasing. Spreading to each person there. It was and will always be one of the best experiences of my life. I woke up this morning feeling alive and so happy. Just filled with joy over absolutely nothing in particular. I can’t tell you a time I ever felt this perfect. This is the feeling I want in my life everyday. This vibe, this is where I’m staying. Thank you to Gabby Bernstein, her husband Zach, her entire team, the universe, and everyone who attended the spirit junkie master class. Find Gabby Bernstein at

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  1. Woo hoo!! Yes I was there!! Still in the vibe too and so proud of you jamie!! Spirit junkie digital version coming soon so folks can get the benefits that way. Xoxl

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