Yup, another day in my life…

Yup, another day in my life…

I don’t like to complain in my blog. Ok, sometimes I do. I live with a chronic illness of multiple sclerosis everyday, eventually you break and post your disgust. I’d like to say that I don’t do it often. That being said, I have to complain this morning over just some stupid stuff that is really all resolved now. It would have been my blog post yesterday but I had that migraine and I just couldn’t focus to write. It started with the migraine that I should of took medicine for right off the bat, but held off and stuck with aspirin. I’m going to make this as a list because it was one of those days where a lot that could go wrong, went wrong.

  1. The nursing aide hours changed to full time this week BUT my aide couldn’t work the remainder of the week. She told me this on Monday. The agency had to get another aide for the week and I don’t know if this is a permanent change or it is temporary. The woman was lovely but I had a routine set with the last aide. The agency requested that this new lady call them to tell them if she liked me and was interested in the position. My other aide said she’d be back, but who knows. It was just starting over again and with the new hours, I was out of balance.
  2. My daughter gets back to the city and realizes she left her pills home. So the next day she needed to come home again get the pills and go back to NYC. The train got to the station at 12:32 she came down grabbed her pills gave me a kiss, and made a 12:42 back into the city. Round trip ticket to NYC $25. I’m sure that error won’t happen again.
  3. Went to therapy yesterday, came home exhausted as usual, and my Marshy knocked over the garbage can….AGAIN!!  We have this can on a stool with a brick on top, he still figures out how to knock it over.Had to clean up that whole mess when I could barely walk.
  4. The migraine medicine comes in theses tabs that you have to pull the backing off and then push the pill through. Might not be a big deal for other people but I have issues with my hands, numbness coordination and lack of muscle control, I can never just peal back that paper. I tried with my teeth and everything came off but the section on the pill. I finally grabbed a knife a cut the pill out, and of course cutting my hand in the process.
  5. I decided to go with the new aide and get fruit from the supermarket. The produce is right in the front of the store, cash registers close, I figured no big deal, I could do that. Got into the supermarket and had to go to the bathroom. Thanks to my MS giving me very little notice and no ability to “hold it” I now had to walk all the way to the back and across the store to the restroom. My little quick outing exhausted me for over an hour. However, I’m happy to report NO accidents or falls.
  6. My sweet cuddle bear Zoey has a new thing. She’s smart. Goes to the bathroom in her correct spot in one section of my house and as I’m cleaning that one, goes again in the other correct section and eats it. I have tried everything to stop this behavior, and she’s out smarting me. Normally the house and section is closed off to her, but if it’s open it’s because my other dog hasn’t come out yet. UGH!!!

ok I think I bitched enough. Like I said most of this is done now, nothing to complain about except maybe Zoey, but reading this back made me laugh. It is just another day in my life.

6 thoughts on “Yup, another day in my life…

  1. “made me laugh”… that means you still have your sense of humour. That is a good thing.
    Granted some days are more TRYING than most!

  2. It made me laugh too. Sounds so familiar. I hate those medicine packs. Such a pain in the butt. 🙂 Glad you got relief from your migraine and were able to look back and laugh.

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