No Ocrevus infusion today

No Ocrevus infusion today

Shocking I know. This time there is a portion of my error involved. I told them last month my secondary insurance was Aetna, technically it is not. It is only secondary for certain things otherwise my secondary is Medicaid. What I’m not in error about is once again the infusion place waited until last minute to verify insurance. Since the information was wrong, they needed more notes from my doctors and couldn’t get approval done in time to order the medicine. No medicine=no infusion.

There were good things with the delay. I haven’t been feeling good for the past few days so doing an infusion wasn’t the best idea. Also realizing I had to do the infusion in their suite as per my last insurance, hopefully now they can come to my home and do the infusion which would be so much easier for me.

I don’t have a date yet when it will be completed. I called a few times to see what was the status. I’m still waiting. Every time I have had my Ocrevus infusion I have had some problem. I don’t understand why. I think it is my infusion site yet each time I hope for the best. This is my 3rd infusion now and I think 3 strikes you’re out.

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