An early birthday present

An early birthday present

I bought myself a gift, another Fitbit. This one is the flex2 which can track swimming. One can argue the fact that tracking steps and activity for someone who has multiple sclerosis is kind of pointless, and it may be true but I wanted to see. I am curious on a few points: sleeping, activity and steps. I used to always track how well I slept through my Fitbit. It shows how much you were restless and how much you were actually awake. It’s a great tool. As far as steps, I’m never walking the recommended 10,000 steps a day but I’m curious how many steps I’m actually taking. From there I can start setting goals. It’s really the swimming I’m most anxious to start tracking. I’ll be able to really see my strides and distance I’m swimming in the pool. That was really my biggest reason for making the purchase.

I got the package yesterday and I opened it up and they sent me two. Happy birthday to me. Crazy right. What do you do? I called and they said we have you down one, it’s yours now. Ok, thank you. Now I have two. I bought a nice bracelet to hold it instead of the rubber one

My birthday isn’t for another month and a half but it’s never to early to start celebrating. Unfortunately I’m not swimming today but I am about to do my weight workout. Hopefully my Fitbit will track the movement. Hope everyone has a great day.

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