Donations greatly appreciated

Donations greatly appreciated

I’m Jamie. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1998. I have been lucky that I’ve been able to be on my feet for many years but my time to be in the wheelchair is here. I have been a single mom since my daughter was 7. She was born with a progressive hearing loss. She received bilateral cochlear implants. I dedicated most of my years to getting her the help she needed in school both academically and socially. My household was no stranger to disabilities and nothing came easy between the two of us.

In the middle of life, I had a major relapse in 2015. This relapse was the one that disabled me and in 2016 I became unable to work anymore. Unfortunately my multiple sclerosis continues to get worse. I now need to be in a wheelchair when I leave my home. I need to be in a vehicle that supports my wheelchair and other disability modifications to keep me independent. My daughter is now 19 years old and attends SUNY Albany. I have wonderful family support and a happy life. Yet I am unemployed and in desperate need of this vehicle that costs twice as much than I bring home in a year. I never thought I’d be asking for help because I always gave it but today I need it. I never looked at MS as an obstacle. I’m a Warrior yet I do need help to continue fighting and being on my own.

Please visit my Go Fund Me Page. Any donation is greatly appreciated.

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